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TRACS PTE | Details

What is PTE?

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is a computer-based language test that assesses your listening, reading, writing, and speaking fluency. Both students and immigration aspirants can take this test according to the required scores. Out of 90, one must get 60+ scores to get the golden pass for a foreign university in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

TRACS Spoken English Masterclass

Eloquent verbal communication is impactful and charismatic. Speaking English with significant fluency, appropriate vocabulary and right pronunciation can boost your confidence besides enhancing your personality. The TRACS Spoken English Masterclass offers unparalleled features to equip you with all the skills required to become a persuasive English speaker for leaving an indelible impression on your listeners. With the help of advanced audio-visual technologies, proven techniques and outstanding trainers we endeavour to convert you into an articulate English speaker for increasing your power and influence.

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Why Choose PTE?

In this quick-paced era, every other person wants to get results faster, and PTE fulfills this demand. You can get your final result within 48 hours because a computer will mark your test. Secondly, unlike other tests, the duration of the PTE test is just 2 hours. Besides, PTE has unlimited attempts, saving the applicant from getting panicked during the exam.

Test Pattern

Some modules of PTE are often interlinked, such as Listening and Speaking. In contrast, writing and reading parts can be conducted separately. Listening takes around 40 – 45 minutes, reading 30 minutes, and the rest is for writing and speaking. The major types of questions are multiple-choice questions, blanks, dictation, repeat sentences, essay writing, etc.


PTE demands no academic requirements; however, the candidate must be 16 or above in age. For those who are under 16, a signed letter from the guardian is mandatory to be attached.

PTE Scores:

The total score of PTE is 90, and the approved standards for non-natives include pinpoint accuracy of grammar, communicative skills, and enabling abilities in English.

Why Join TRACS for PTE coaching?

Quality of the mentors plays a vital role in enhancing students’ performance in the exam. In Lahore, the TRACS is known for its fully functional IT labs, and well-qualified trainers. Apart from providing regular feedbacks, we offer brief discussion sessions with students to make their journey more informative and simplified. Although TRACS’ work stations in Lahore are equipped with modern training tools, our benevolent teachers never hesitate to put their efforts in preparing you for the test. Mock tests are crucial for preparation and we ensure that you attempt a series of mock tests before your test day. Our training center is one of the best PTE academies in Lahore because we do not compromise on facilitating our clients with quiet, neat, and peaceful ambiance.