TRACS | IGCSE O-Level Economics

TRACS IGCSE | O-Level Economics

Economics (0455, 2281)

Cambridge IGCSE (0455) and O-Level (2281) Economics is accepted by universities and employers as proof of knowledge and understanding of economics. Successful Cambridge IGCSE (0455) and O-Level (2281) Economics candidates gain lifelong skills, including:

  • an understanding of economic theory, terminology and principles
  • the ability to apply the tools of economic analysis
  • the ability to distinguish between facts and value judgements in economic issues
  • an understanding of, and an ability to use, basic economic numeracy and literacy
  • the ability to take a greater part in decision-making processes in everyday life
  • an ability to use examples from a variety of economies
  • an excellent foundation for advanced study in economics


The total fee for the 12 weeks is PKR 45,000. This can be paid in two installments. First installment of PKR 25,000 at the time of enrollment and second installment of PKR 20,000 after 4 weeks.


All students for IGCSE (0455) and O-Level (2281) will take two papers.

Paper 1 (Multiple Choice) is for 45 minutes and carries 30 marks. All 30 questions in the paper need to be answered. 

Paper 2 (Structured Questions) is for 2 hours 15 minutes and carries 90 marks. Candidates need to answer one compulsory question and three questions from a choice of four

Program Structure

The Economics IGCSE/O-Level preparatory course at TRACS is divided into 12 weeks. The first 10 weeks focus on covering the entire course content, including the basic economic problems, microeconomic decision makers, government and the macroeconomy, economic development, and international trade and globalisation. The final 2 weeks are dedicated to practicing past exam papers. These sessions are designed to help students become familiar with the exam format and improve their skills.

The TRACS IGCSE | O-Level Economics Faculty

Dr. Athar Mansoor

Dr. Athar Mansoor teaches economics to IGCSE and O-Level students at TRACS. He has vast experience of teaching economics courses in Pakistan and abroad and works closely with students for mastering the subject and polishing their exam taking skills. Besides interactive class sessions, he also assists students in solving past papers for building in them the required confidence for acing the exam.

Dr. Athar has done post doctoral work in artificial intelligence manpower for financial services sector. He holds a PhD in Innovation and Technology Policy from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, MS in Management, Strategy and Leadership from Michigan State University (USA), Master of Public Policy from University of Sydney (Australia), Master in Public Administration from National University of Singapore and MBA from LUMS. He has also attended executive programmes at INSEAD Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and IDEA League Universities of Europe.