What is IELTS?

IELTS is abbreviated as International English Language Testing System. This proficiency test is taken when you think of studying in a foreign country or want to apply for immigration. Because IELTS is the most authentic exam, it is acceptable in all universities around the globe. You can opt for IELTS Academic, General, or Life Skills according to your final goal.

The TRACS IELTS Advantage

IELTS is the ticket to one’s international aspirations and dreams – educational and immigrational. Its preparation can be challenging without effective guidance and mentoring. Stress and anxiety levels before the exam can substantially increase if ample practice has not been done under the supervision of professional trainers.

IELTS Training

Details & Knowledge

Exam Pattern

This proficiency test contains four modules

IELTS Listening – a module that consists of 30-minutes and has 40 questions that you have to solve by listening to audio.

IELTS Reading – a part with 40 questions and you need to solve by reading 2 – 5 comprehension passages in 60-minutes.

IELTS Writing – based on 60 minutes, it has two sub-tasks. In task 1, you need to write 150 words. However, the word limit for the second task is 250.

 IELTS Speaking – the shortest module that takes only 15 minutes. It is similar to an interview in which your confidence is the key to success.

Computer-Based Exam

Candidates who are computer-friendly must opt for CB-IELTS as there are numerous merits 

  • Results in just five days
  • Get done with all four modules in one day
  • Center-based exam but fewer test-takers in the room
  • Because conductors organize it daily, it’s super easy to book your slot
  • No need to fill out any answer sheets
  • Word count is available for Writing Module
  • Time-saving as you can copy/paste the answers into Reading Module
  • No need to take your stationary (pencil, eraser, and sharpner)

Paper-based Exam

All over the world, people tend to choose PB-IELTS due to its multiple benefits

  • You can highlight or make notes on your booklet
  • Get extra time in listening to transfer answers on an answer sheet
  • Familiar pattern as a majority of non-natives are habitual in attempting Paper-based exams
  • Speaking takes place two days before or after the written test.

Score Calculation

Unlike other exams, IELTS is devoid of grades or marks. Instead, it has an overall 9-band score or CLB levels such as B1, B2, etc.

  • Listening – 9 bands
  • Reading – 9 bands
  • Writing – 9 bands
  • Speaking – 9 bands

Every university demands different band scores for admissions. You can check it in the eligibility criteria available on the websites of academic institutions.

How to Book IELTS?

In Lahore and other famous cities of Pakistan, British Council and AEO are the two registered test-takers of IELTS and through their portals; you can book your test online. After booking, you have to submit fee in the bank or online within 4 days to get a confirmation email.

Fee and Locations

IELTS is conducted in all metropolitan cities of Pakistan. However, the facility of CB-IELTS is available only in Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, and Karachi.

Fee varies between 40,000 – 46,000 PKR.
About TRACS IELTS Training

The Best Global Experts

TRACS provides you the opportunity to crack IELTS with full confidence with its state-of-the-art facilities, well-disciplined environment and training by certified experts having exceptional IELTS scores. Personalized coaching is our hallmark as we are fully aware that each individual is unique with his or her own set of strengths and weaknesses. Our customized approach as well as a general set of effective tips, techniques and tricks develop in you strong abilities to ace all sections of IELTS and make you ready to stay composed on the day of your exam for securing a top score.