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Job Interview

Job interview is an important tool through which employers ascertain the suitability of a potential employee for a vacancy in their organization.  In either a face-to-face or live virtual mode, the job candidate tries to show what skills (hard and soft) he/she possesses and how these align with the organization in which they are seeking employment. Job interview is, therefore, extremely important for the job applicants and must be prepared with full seriousness and resonable anticipation of expected questions.

The TRACS Acing Job Interview Advantage

Preparation for job interview can be stressful and challenging. Job seekers need to fully understand the requirements of the jobs for which apply besides how they fit with the overall organization in which they are aspiring to work. 

At TRACS, under the professional guidance of experienced trainers you will be able to prepare for your big day with full confidence and peace of mind. Our instructors will train you to handle all types of pressures you can face while sitting in the interview and also develop in you the ability to organize your thoughts in a coherent manner before answering the questions of the interviewer(s). 

We warmly invite you to visit our office or book an appointment for one-on-one meeting with our experts to get a better idea of our job interview prepration classes and what you need in your arsenal to ace the interview for getting your dream job.

The TRACS Acing Job Interview Faculty

Dr. Athar Mansoor

Dr. Athar is our lead faculty for job interview preparation and has himself interviewed hundreds of job seekers for developing in them the requisite skills for securing the jobs of their preference. He has a vast academic and professional experience and lived and studied in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore and USA.

He has been educated at Lahore University of Management Sciences, National University of Singapore, University of Sydney, Michigan State University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Harvard Kennedy School, INSEAD Business School and IDEA League Universities of Europe for postgraduate education.

Dr. Athar is a regular speaker at many international forums in East Asia and North America on topics of global and national importance. He is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and works closely with job candidates to polish their communication skills for achieving their true potential.